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more innovative,
and more ambitious than ever!


Sopexa is changing its name to HOPSCOTCH Season. This transformation marks a new era, driven by the ambition to extend our communications expertise into other realms to promote Arts de Vivre around the world.


Seasonality gives life to all plant forms, shapes the way we travel and influences our homes. Season also evokes flavors, which season our lives and our projects. More creative, more innovative, more ambitious than ever, we will continue to work to create commitment and federate communities aware of environmental and social issues.


We’re not just changing our name, we’re evolving while maintaining what has been an integral part of our DNA for over 60 years: creating impactful campaigns, promoting products on every continent, messages that resonate, emotions that leave their mark.


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In every carefully grown product, in every exciting place to discover, in every meticulously produced object, we see a story to tell.

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To create stories that make your products shine beyond their borders, we're everywhere in the world.
The HOPSCOTCH Group: a unique, 100% integrated group.

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